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PAS 9782/GEN : 8 Channel VME Sine / Pulse Waveform Generator with PGA Amplitude Control

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The PAS 9782/GEN is a VME based, eight channel function generator card. Each channel contains a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) chip that can be programmed to generate sine wave output signals. This DDS device is a Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO), employing a phase accumulator, a sine look-up table and a 10 bit D/A converter. The input clock frequency to the DDS chips is 2 MHz. This input frequency combined with the chips thirty-two bit phase accumulator provides a frequency resolution of 0.000465 Hz. The maximum useable output frequency is approximately 40 KHz.

A programmable gain amplifier is provided on each channel, following the NCO. This allows the card to be programmed for full-scale output ranges from +/-1 volt to +/-10 volts. In addition to the sine wave output a TTL output and open drain FET output are provided on each channel.

This card can be used in VME systems with A16, A24, or A32 addressing, and data bus widths of 16 and 32 bits are supported. DIP switches are used to configure the width of the address bus. VME instruction types determine the width of the data bus. The input signals are connected to a pair of DB37 female connectors mounted through the front panel. A board identifier PROM, control register and DDS frequency control registers are provided as well.

Card Features: PAS 9782/GEN

  • 8 channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Waveform Generator

  • Each channel provides sine wave, TTL square wave and open drain FET outputs

  • Programmable Gain Amplifier per channel provides sine wave output of +/-10V, +/-5V, +/-2V or +/-1 volt peak to peak

  • Output frequency is controlled by a 32 bit frequency register; each channel provides an independent frequency register

  • Output frequency is set by the following equation: F(out) = F register value x 2 MHz divided by 2^32

  • Each channel is controlled by two independent 12 bit phase offset registers

  • All channels are clocked by a common 2 MHz crystal controlled oscillator

  • Sine wave output amplifiers provide a low pass filter with a 3dB corner frequency of 30 KHz

  • VME 6U form factor, 233mm x 160mm card size

  • VME access: A32, A24, A16; D16 slave – No VME interrupts

  • Board provides ID code (VMEIDPAS9782GENA), control and status register and two status LEDs

  • Operating temperature range 0 to 60 degrees Celsius


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Model: PAS 9782/GEN
8 Channel VME Sine / Pulse Waveform Generator with PGA Amplitude Control

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